I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and share my experiences from the recent LIBS 100 London Trip. Overall, it was an incredibly enriching and valuable experience, and I believe that each of us has taken away something meaningful from this journey.

Firstly, the accommodation at the Holiday Inn Hotel was excellent. The services provided, particularly the delicious breakfast, made our stay even more enjoyable. Personally, I found the experience of travelling via the London Tube to be fascinating. It was my first time using such an extensive subway system, and it gave me a glimpse into the efficient and interconnected transportation network of a bustling city like London.

On the first day, we had the privilege of visiting the Taj International Hotel in London. The tour offered by the HR team was truly phenomenal. It provided us with invaluable insights into the operations of a luxurious hotel. Witnessing the behind-the-scenes workings and understanding the meticulous attention to detail was an eye-opening experience. Additionally, our visit to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey allowed us to immerse ourselves in the rich history and cultural heritage of the city.

The second day was marked by the CIPD festival, which proved to be a highlight of the trip. Engaging with delegates from various stalls allowed me to gain insights into the latest HR business solutions and software. Learning about how these technologies can transform employee welfare and foster growth was truly enlightening. I had the opportunity to have meaningful conversations that broadened my perspective on the future of HR practices.

On the third day, we returned to the CIPD festival for further exploration and concluded our trip with a visit to the Bloomberg office in London. I would like to extend a special thank you to Debora for her assistance in arranging the visit. The office tour was nothing short of mind-blowing. Witnessing the real-life performance of office space and having the chance to speak directly with employees offered a valuable glimpse into the world of Bloomberg.

In summary, this LIBS 100 London Trip has been a remarkable experience for each of us. From the insights gained at the Taj International Hotel to the CIPD festival and the awe-inspiring visit to the Bloomberg office, every moment was filled with valuable learning opportunities. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to both of you, Jan, and Jordan, for organizing such a wonderful trip and providing us with valuable experiences.