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The Global Experiences Team supports all Business School and international students to have a fantastic time at the University of Lincoln, whilst gaining vital intercultural experience and employability skills!

As an international student from Thailand, I would like to thank the Global Experience Team for managing many beautiful events where I can meet many friends from India, China, Nigeria, France, Germany, and the rest of the world.


Through the Global Experiences Team, we encourage sharing and engaging with cultures from around the world right here at the university. Whether you attend a social event, cultural exchange session or an international trip, you will be making the most of our diverse campus.


Our aim is to foster a globally-minded student community. By offering activities, events and opportunities such as working internationally, participating in a semester or year abroad, or by working towards the Global Certificate, you will become part of an international network that spans the globe.


The Global Experiences Team aim to create a spirit of collaboration, providing opportunities for students to work towards their future. Our global partnerships include universities and businesses, and through various activities open to all we offer vital intercultural and employability experiences.

Global Certificate

The Global Certificate allows you to gain points for taking part in events and activities with a global focus. Work your way up through Bronze, Silver, and Gold and the exclusive Platinum Award where you can lead your own events! 

Social and Cultural Events

The Global Experiences Team run a variety of cultural events, drop-ins, business games, student-led talks, trips and competitions, community experiences, as well as business panels and workshops. 

International Experiences

The Global Experiences Team has various international opportunities for students to get involved in! From funded international travel, to studying or working abroad, find out more and get involved!

Your student community area for all news, events, information and opportunities! 

The Global Experiences blog site is a space open to all Lincoln International Business School students. Here you can connect with the Global Experiences Team who are here to advise and support you throughout your time at university. We will keep you updated on all events and opportunities from the team as well as events university wide and we endeavour to encourage and enhance your university journey by engaging you with all opportunities available to you. 

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