The Study Abroad opportunity is an amazing chance to experience time abroad without taking a full year out of your degree. Taking place during the second semester of the second year of your degree, the Study Abroad experience can take you to partner institutions across the world!

An exchange was a one of a kind opportunity for me to see the world through the eyes of the local people.
The nature, the student trips and the people made my stay an incredible experience, which i will cherish for a long time.
Learning a new language has never been as fun, easy and rewarding.
I would definitely recommend this, especially if you love adventures, different cultures and incredible experiences.  

Students on the following LIBS programmes can apply for the Study Abroad option as part of their course:

Students can attend drop-ins and other informative Study Abroad sessions, to help you choose the best study place for you!

If you are a LIBS student and are interested in the Study Abroad programme or have any questions, contact us via the button below:

If you are not a LIBS student, please contact your school-specific Study Abroad team directly.