The Global Experience team at Lincoln International Business School brought us this amazing and prestigious platform to represent and act as a delegate for our respective country in the Model UN event. The Model UN serves as a platform where young people come together to simulate international diplomacy, tackle global challenges, and cultivate the skills needed to become future global leaders.

As delegates, we acted as the Head of Finance for New Zealand and Head of Other Ministers for Republic of South Korea respectively, representing the country on various levels right from negotiating on financial issues to environmental challenges that the individual countries had been facing, we engaged in discussions, not only about international issues but also about diplomacy and global of valuable skills such as Diplomatic and Negotiation skills, research, and analytical abilities along with gaining cultural understanding which helped to contribute towards our personal and professional development.

This led us to our next opportunity to play a very crucial role in the second edition of the event acting as ‘Business Mentors’. The role was beyond the traditional diplomatic or political approach, it gave us a deep understanding and expertise of various aspects of business and by providing and guiding the delegates with our expertise and support, we were able to provide them with a business-related agenda focusing on economic matters alongside trade policies and knowledge of the overall business landscape. It was a great platform for us to offer our feedback and guidance on proposed policies, resolutions and negotiating strategies while simultaneously gaining valuable understanding of economic diplomacy and the role of business in international relations.

The exchange of experiences did not stop within the confines of the event, we continued to connect and share ideas beyond the program, forming lasting bonds and a global network of change makers. The Model UN event provides an immersive and transformative experience for aspiring global leaders. The invaluable skills acquired, the enhanced global awareness and lasting connections formed makes it an unforgettable journey of personal growth and empowerment

We thank the Global Experience team for giving us such amazing platforms to present ourselves and gain so much out of it.