The LIBS Global Experiences Team run a wide variety of events, as well as encouraging student- led activities throughout the year. The team supports students to celebrate cultural celebrations and social events to invite their peers to integrate and learn from others.

Some of the past events that the Global Experiences Team have organised and delivered consisted of Diwali celebrations, Cultural Exchange sessions, The German Christmas Market, Halloween Pumpkin Carving, International Women’s Day Panel and many more!  

Halloween Event

October 2021

“I participated in the “Halloween pumpkin carving” event. There was even a little contest, for the best pumpkin. First, everyone got a pumpkin, which we could carve or paint. The global lounge was decorated for Halloween and typical Halloween-music was played.

We all sat together, carved our pumpkins and talked to each other. I met a lot of nice people there. I sat together with two girls from Turkey and a girl from France. We talked about how we celebrate Halloween at home. In France, the celebration is very similar to the one we have in Germany.

I was able to take the second place in the contest with my pumpkin. All in all, it was a great event and I had a lot of fun!”

Diwali Festival

November 2021

“During the event we learnt about the origin and importance of Diwali through speeches. The festival celebrates the victory of good (light) over evil (darkness). There were a range of activities to interact with such as Diya painting and Rangolis, in addition to a variety of traditional snack and food to try. The welcoming environment made it easy to get involved and talk to others during the celebration.

This experience has broadened my cultural knowledge and has allowed me to understand the importance to those who celebrate. Due to this both personally and professionally I understand the significance for those involved to take time off to celebrate this festival. To further build on this experience, I can read into more celebrations and look for any open event to embrace traditions. Overall, this was a great experience to develop cultural knowledge and get involved with new traditions.”

German Christmas Market

December 2021

“The German Christmas Market was an event organized by the Global Experiences Team, me and my friends. We did this to receive the platinum award of the Global Certificate.

We decorated the stalls, and the whole place. We set up the food and beverages, placed the crafts and sprayed a few Christmas scents. The event was very popular amongst the students there was a queue outside the building and a lot of people.

We met a lot of new people and did a lot of networking too. People started talking to us and asking us about German traditions and about Germany in general and of course we answered all the questions.

This event has help me professionally since I am studying event management there is assessment was a good practice for the future.”